Diane Allen, Violinist

Diane Allen - Violin/Viola

For 25 years Diane Allen has provided a fun, supportive and effective way to learn how to play the violin. Her teaching style incorporates the use of straight to the point exercises, analogies, and big picture concepts that leave the student with a "That was easy!" learning experience. 

Author of The Fingerboard Workbook Series, and creator of www.myviolinvideos.com, Diane has reached out to the world to share her expertise and give students a platform on which to shine. "I just love the ripple effect of teaching. All my students establish a lifelong love of music. It moves me to know that I've set thousands of waves in motion."

For those of you astute & curious sorts, you may have noticed that the authors all share the same last name. John & Diane are in fact married! (After 20 years of using the workbooks with her students, Diane finally roped John into making the bass books. Rest assured their marriage survived the process!) Travis...while it's nice to keep things in the family, he just shares a great last name!

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Fingerboard Geography

Bow Arm Boot Camp

Violin Master Class

Public speaking:

Diane is a trained public speaker through Toastmasters International

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